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Decide to Sell

You have taken the first steps with your choice to sell your home! Everyone at Lakes & Homes Real
Estate is excited you have decided to take the time to visit our web page!
We want to help you make this decision as easy as humanly possible for you and in doing that have
some great tips for you!
Ask yourself, why am I selling? Do I need a bigger home or is it time to downsize? Are you looking
to lower your bills and taxes? That is a great reason, sometimes money is the biggest reason in
order to finance something new in your life! Sometimes the sale of your home is coordinated with
the purchase of something new! Delicate questions to ask but the answers help us know how to
No matter how you decide to make this change in your life, we are here to get you through it!

This is the most difficult decision to make. What price do we start with? Using an agent is the most
tried and trusted way of establishing a sales price. As agents will be comparing your home with
similar homes in the area that have sold. Taking into account differences like; the amount of
bedrooms, bathrooms, acreage, do you have a garage or the neighborhood you live in.
But it doesn’t stop there, Sometimes there are changes that could be made prior to listing to help
you get the best price, like curb appeal and upgrades. Sometimes we may say there is no need… it
won’t change the price. Should you spend money to sell or list it as is? What about staging your

No Worries!! We will take care of this for you. The marketing of your home is handled by your agent
and the agency.
We will provide your front lawn with a Lakes & Homes Real Estate sign.
Our new website and local marketing, along with the many internet websites that our local Multiple
Listings Service feeds to your property, is well serviced!
Did you know that 85% of the people searching for a home are using the internet now!

Well this is what we have waited for … now it’s time to negotiate, Your agent will help you all along
this path… Is this the right price, are there any contingencies, do the closing dates work, and more!

Your home will most likely need to be inspected by an inspection company hired by the buyers, this
will be a process that will need special attention, we will accompany this appointment. Sometimes
there are issues to be addressed arising from that inspection. But rest assured, we will help you
through it!
After the inspection has been settled the buyers financing agent will order an appraisal of the
property to decide if the purchase price holds up to the value of the home. In the rare event that the
appraisal is lower that the agreed upon contract price, the lender may not approve the loan. If there
are obstacles,
AS much as we’d like to say nothing will go wrong, sometimes it does. We will do everything in our
power to help you along this delicate path!

A walk through is almost always suggested, The prospective buyer will visit the home prior to the
closing to be sure everything is taken care of… anything that arose during the inspection… or that all
items have been cleared and or left in the home that were agreed upon.
Now you can sit at the table with your attorney or banker and sign the documents and move on to
the next phase of your life!!
Rest Assured we will have done everything we can do to help you get your house sold!